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Community & Content Manager

Full Time
REMOTE, Eastern Standard
Marketing & Growth
Job Description
**Community & Content Manager Job brief ** We are looking for a qualified Community & Content Manager to join our team. If you are an ambitious, tech-savvy professional, and experienced in community management and content creation, we would like to meet you. We have four current platforms to build our community on 1. Our pitchgauge.com website 2. Our social media channels 3. Our newsletter (est. 15,000 subscribers, but a little forgotten about) 4. Our app  You will be responsible for creating engaging content and building our community in order to achieve our business goals and raise Pitch Gauge’s brand awareness. Ultimately, you should be able to act as the face and voice of the Pitch Gauge brand and manage all community communications. This is a real opportunity to change a business from the ground up. You’ll help, define the strategy and bring it to life. We’d like someone who is passionate about using content and community to build a multi-million dollar business, can - eventually - build their own team of experts, can monetize a community, and be part of our growth. You may not be passionate about roofing - yet - but trust us, you will soon.  **First 90 Days ** While there is so much opportunity for a hungry content & community manager to put their skills & our recent investment round to work, we see the core goals of the role being: - Set the foundation and launch our content and community strategy - Build up the most vibrant, engaged, and excited community of roofers globally - Attract partners, sponsors, and big brands to work with us.  We believe that with the right person at the helm to build up a community, we can not only enhance the experience our customers have but also build a stand-alone revenue-generating proposition for the business.  We see your first 90 days playing out as below: - Own Pitch Gauge Community & KPIs - Community size - Active Engagement - M.o.M growth - Relaunch the monthly newsletter and establish it as a "must-read" across the industry. - Create and execute social and non-social media communications and content strategies including: - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - TikTok - Blogs - Website - Develop and execute online FAQ support - Build Brand Awareness through offline and online events.  **What we are looking for ** You have exceptional oral and written communication skills and are able to define, craft, and develop content that our communities of roofers will find engaging, useful, and inspiring.  We focus on attributes as much as skills, so please apply if have any of the below skills or experience. - Proven work experience as a community manager or content manager. - Knowledge of SEO best practices and ability to interpret SEO, website traffic, and customer engagement metrics - Proficiency with community & content management systems - Knowledge of online marketing and marketing channels - Experience launching community initiatives (e.g. building an online forum, launching an ambassador program, creating an event series, and writing an email newsletter) - Basic technical knowledge of HTML and web publishing is a bonus - Hands-on experience with social media management for brands - Create and publish engaging content - Edit, proofread and improve writers’ posts - Liaise with content writers to ensure brand consistency - Excellent verbal communication skills - Excellent writing skills - BSc degree in Journalism, Marketing or relevant field a bonus  **Values ** - Humility - We listen to others, respect each other, and relentlessly seek feedback. - Hard work - We are a bootstrapped company. Our success has been paid for through sacrifice and hard work. - Ownership - We own the problems and take responsibility for designing and delivering the solutions. - Data - We are data-driven. In god we trust, all others must bring data.  **Compensation** Salary of $75k plus health insurance 
About the Company

Pitch Gauge is the leading mobile roofing app for small to medium roofing companies with +1.7m downloads and +70k monthly active users. We help roofing companies run smarter, safer, and more profitable. However, we feel roofers are currently underserved with content, community, support, deals, and let's be honest.... A bit of fun. We feel content and community will be a fundamental part of our business growth. 

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