Devops Engineer with Alitu: the Podcast Maker web app

Full Time
Remote - UK Timezone
Software Engineering
Job Description

We're looking for someone to help us develop the infrastructure and deployment processes we need to hit 10,000+ users and beyond. That means scalability, reliability and efficiency, in equal measure. We need someone with 2+ years of devops experience, plus a touch of back-end. You'll tinker with everything related to our running, deployment and updating processes, and keep Alitu rock-solid and lightning quick as it grows.


  • Help us develop our CI/CD processes to achieve zero-downtime for users and flexibility for our team
  • Maintain and optimise the running of our application on AWS
  • Plan for scaling and improving the performance of the entire Alitu infrastructure
  • Work with QA to enable real-world testing of new features in a safe environment
  • Help us manage our growing repository of media resources and their distribution to users

Core Skills

The abilities to learn and problem solve are more important than the exact skills you have. So, if you don't currently work with ALL of these, but you can show us you've learned similar quickly, then get in touch. 1. Jenkins (or similar) for CI/CD 2. AWS application management 3. Configuration management (Terraform, or similar) 4. Devops engineering experience in a commercial environment 5. Monitoring tools – Zabbix / Grafana

Bonus Points

These skills are a bonus, but not necessary. Let me know if you have them. 1. Node.js development (or similar) 2. Experience with Cloudflare for content distribution 3. Docker and/or Kubernetes for containerisation and orchestration 4. Experience in audio editing/encoding using ffmpeg or a similar multimedia tech 5. Experience in video editing/encoding using ffmpeg or a similar multimedia tech 6. React (our front-end tech)

About the Company

In 2018, we released our ‘Podcast Production' web application – Alitu: The Podcast Maker. It's designed to automate podcast production for regular Podcasters and content creators. The user uploads an audio file, or records it right into the app. Then, our system cleans it up, adds branding & transitions, applies user editing and publishes it, mostly automatically. We also provide a range of other features to allow the user to record themselves, record calls, edit recordings, add music and other tasks required to create a great podcast. > Learn more about what we do here

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