Community Manager

Full Time
Marketing & Growth
Job Description

As Community Manager at Maybe, you'll be responsible for designing & building a vibrant, active personal finance community across multiple mediums and platforms.  You'll start and nurture conversations, organize and host podcasts, online events, meet-ups and more. You'll build relationships with key contributors and influencers, deepen brand engagement, and extend our reach across the internet and IRL. You'll work together with our content team to make sure our message is spread far and wide. Ultimately, you'll be the face of the Maybe brand and the driver behind a lively and engaged community.

About the Company

At Maybe we're building the next generation of financial & retirement planning tools. Founded in 2021, we're working to equip consumers with the resources they need to take control of their financial future. Working 30 years and then riding off into the sunset at 65 isn't the goal for most people anymore. They want to experience life, take risks and pour their hearts into what matters most to them. They want to dream. And Maybe helps them do that. Maybe you open a coffee shop? Maybe you take a trip to Asia? Maybe you put your money into index funds and live off the returns? Maybe you dabble in crypto? Maybe you invest in art? Maybe you buy your dream home? Maybe helps you figure out what's possible and how to get there

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