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We've got an exciting job opening for a Remote Office Manager at the Calm Company Fund. Since 2019, we've invested in 50+ companies across the world through 3 funds (with 2 exits!) and we'd love your help to calmly scale the company to support even more founders.

Who will I be joining?

We're a group of 9 people, all fully distributed since our first investment in 2019. We're big believers in remote work (we've invested in many calm companies that drive this vision forward like ZipMessage, Yac, and FirstBase to name a few). More specifically you'd work closely with Tyler (Founder; General Partner) and Sibi (Chief of Staff; Head of Platform).

What will I be doing as a 'Remote Office Manager?'

Here's what we'll expect:

  1. You'll manage the General Partner (GP)'s calendar. You'll give our GP more bandwidth by booking meetings with founders in our deal flow pipeline, investors, mentors, and other key members in our ecosystem. You'll be managing their calendar to book team 1:1s, sync-ups as needed. You'll also take charge in supporting them with their travel needs.
  2. You'll manage the company calendar. From our biweekly company All-Hands to annual team offsite and post-mortems, you'll manage the company calendar to support the growing team. You'll also be in charge of our "Out of Office" policy to ensure that everyone is taking time off every quarter to ensure that we continue to build calmly and help celebrate the big milestones (birthdays, work anniversaries, and more)!
  3. You'll manage our internal documentation.
  4. As we continue to scale, you'll sit in our key meetings with the GP and/or the team to capture notes and turn them into actionable tasks within our project management system. You'll also help clean up our internal documentation so current and new team members can find the right information quickly.
  5. You'll support key operations that help us run the company.
  6. You'll absorb lots of information about the company so you'll be able to answer key questions both internally (about people, processes, projects) and externally (about who we are, what we do, who we support). From answering emails or chatbot messages with interested parties to ensuring that we submit expense reports, you'll play a big role in keeping us on track.
  7. You will not be limited to just your role's responsibilities. Everyone at the Calm Company Fund acts as a founder. You'll be able to take what you are hearing on the front lines and collaborate with our teams to deliver new features as well as improvements to our platform and processes. We expect that you'll have tons of ideas on how to improve what we currently do and that's exciting!

What would my first 90 days look like?

Below are some examples of things you might encounter in your first three months at the Calm Company Fund:

  • Sync up with our Founder & General Partner Tyler and the entire team
  • Maintain a productive work environment for our fully remote team (e.g., streamlining our project management system, looking ahead in the calendar for key dates, etc.)
  • Create a welcoming environment for new hires (e.g., answering key questions about tools + how to use them, sending them a swag box, etc.)
  • Act as our cultural ambassador by recognizing employee birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones
  • Plan and coordinate team outings (e.g., off-sites, retreats, conferences, etc.)
  • Manage the company's email inbox and our chatbot on our site
  • Manage and track expense budget according to our expense budget protocol
  • Attend weekly All-Hands or Team Hangout sessions—apologies in advance for our puns :)

What should I be okay with if I were to join?

  • Working cross-functionally on a small team of 9.
  • A fully distributed company.
  • Speaking up and advocating for yourself. One of the benefits and responsibilities of working distributed and asynchronously is managing your own workload and time in coordination with the team.
  • The unknown. This role is likely to change over time. You just love supporting the team and are ok as the role shifts.

What kind of experiences or backgrounds should I have?

The following items are guide-rails. Don't feel like you need to neatly check each box. If you love the role, we'd love to hear from you.

  • You're drawn to organizing chaos. You get excited by improving them to function more effectively and efficiently.
  • You're able to juggle several projects of various scope without losing your key attention to detail. You thrive when you switch from a large project to something more routine but you don't lose your focus or sense of organization.
  • You enjoy building the culture of a workplace. You enjoy putting energy into the little things (e.g., Slack emojis, memes, etc.) to the big ones (e.g., how we run team off-sites, annual reviews, etc.) because you know that how you build an incredible culture.
  • You're service-oriented and naturally prioritize the success of the team over individual accolades/accomplishments. You value and appreciate the work that gets done behind the scenes to make the hard stuff seem easy.
  • You know what you don't know and aren't afraid to admit it, but you're also able to learn quickly.

What does the interview process look like?

We'll review your application. So long as you are thoughtful in your application, we aim to get back to you within one week.

  • Part 1: A 30 min screener call with our Chief of Staff
  • Part 2: A brief (1-2 hour) exercise to demonstrate your skills
  • Part 3: A 30 min call with our Founder & General Partner When you're ready, please apply in the form below as we're looking forward to hearing from you. Calm Company Fund is an equal opportunity employer and encourages candidates from all backgrounds to apply.
About the Company

About us

Calm Company Fund is an early-stage investor in software and software-enabled companies. We're a team of founders, bootstrappers, and makers focused on funding entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable, profitable businesses. Calm Company Fund created the Shared Earnings Agreement (SEAL) for more founder-aligned terms on which to build a business. Since our launch in 2019, we've invested in 50+ startups with two portfolio exits. We believe:

  • Calm Companies are patient and have long-term ambitions.
  • Calm Companies stand by their convictions, even in hectic times.
  • Calm Companies prioritize physical and mental health across the entire team.
  • Calm Companies don’t sacrifice the sustainability of the business for short-term growth.

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