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Smart, low-ego, philosophically-aligned founders have a lot to learn from one another. Calm Company Summits are exclusive gatherings of founders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders that are building for the long-term.

Introducing: Calm Company Summit

Written By:
Michael Stewart
December 15, 2022



After three years of building and operating Founder Summit, we’re thrilled to be launching our very own event series for the wider startup community.

Calm Company Summit channels the vibes of the Founder Summit event series, while expanding our reach to the greater ecosystem of calm builders. We’ve got an incredible slate of events planned for 2023, and we’re excited to give you a preview of what you can expect. So, what’s new?

More Summits, more locations, more incredible new experiences

For starters, we’re giving our community more of what you love, now hosting multiple Summits each year. We plan to experiment with frequently-requested new locations, while regularly revisiting crowd favorites.

This expansion unlocks an opportunity we’ve been really excited to explore —a more intimate event, exclusively for later stage founders in the Calm Company ecosystem. But more on that later...

More brilliant builders

While attending a Calm Company Summit will continue to be by invitation, folks holding different roles in the startup ecosystem are now welcome and encouraged to apply.

Calm Companies may be founder-led, but success is ultimately a team effort. For years, founders within our portfolio companies and beyond have been asking to bring or send their senior-most leaders to Founder Summit events, and our new event series will finally have the space to accommodate more builders of calm companies—founder or not.

We’ve also heard from founders that they’d appreciate more exposure to folks working on the investing and acquisitions side of the table, so we’ll be opening a limited number of seats at each event to welcome in individuals with that perspective. Hands-on curation will be key to keeping these gatherings friendly and low-ego while also ensuring sufficient founder face time.

…and of course, the name

A new event series run exclusively by the Calm Company Fund team deserved a name to match. Think of Calm Company Summits as a spiritual sequel to the Founder Summit event series. But despite this reinvention, there are a few things that won’t be changing.

What every Calm Company Summit will offer

As before, our Summits will be focused on delivering unparalleled shared experiences.

Calm Company Summits will create moments of authentic connection between founders, entrepreneurs and builders, as folks share space for candid conversations, workshops, and activities. These experiences will run from yoga and breathwork, to tastings, to small-group classes with distinguished local artisans—all designed around the Summit’s particular locality.

The effortless, collaborative vibes of a Calm Summit will be incredibly familiar to anyone who has attended a Founder Summit event. And perhaps most importantly, these Summits will continue to have the hands-on support of the entire team at Calm Company Fund. We remain more committed than ever to creating unforgettable experiences and making sure you leave these events with brand new builder friends.

Apply now to join us in 2023—and save!

We’re still finalizing the dates for next year’s lineup, but you can head to our Calm Company Summits site for a preview of when and where we’re headed. You can even snag your 2023 registration right now.

Booking now secures your spot and locks in your price, while still giving you the flexibility to redeem for the Summit that fits your location and/or schedule best next year. Pre-order registrants also get early access to the Calm Company HQ, an online community and private platform offering events, software discounts, and more.

Learn more about our 2023 locations

Meanwhile, if you’re a company looking to connect with our global community of founders and entrepreneurs, reach out to us to learn more about sponsoring next year’s Calm Company Summits.

We love nothing more than meeting and learning from our community, and we’re thrilled that we’ll have more opportunities than ever before to do that next year. Have questions about Calm Company Summits? Reach out to us.

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