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Accreditation & Tax Forms

Written By:
Tyler Tringas
July 28, 2020



In addition to reviewing & signing the subscription documents, we need two additional elements of documentation from investors

  1. Verification of your status as an accredited investor (per the SEC guidelines)
  2. The appropriate IRS tax form regarding withholdings (typically W-9 or W-8)

Verifying Accredited investor status

Calm Funds are registered as a 506(c) fund which means we have a higher level of verification required than some venture funds.

The methods of verification we can accept are:

  1. You can use verifyinvestor.com to confirm accredited status. Check their FAQ here or ask us for guidance. There is a $59 fee but the accreditation is re-usable for other funds.
  2. A CPA, attorney, or financial advisor can provide a letter confirming your status as an accredited investor. Here is a template.

Please upload this letter along with the IRS tax form to the Anduin app (you will have an invite in your inbox during the closing process) to complete the closing process.

Which IRS form should you submit?

Technically this is an “ask your accountant” question because it is primarily about what, if any, tax should the IRS withhold on your behalf when we distribute any gains from the fund back to you.

Broadly speaking, US citizens will probably fill out out a W-9 and foreign individuals/entities will fill out the appropriate W-8 (eg W-8BEN for individuals, W-8BEN-E for entities). But that’s not tax advice from us!

Please upload the applicable Internal Revenue Service Form along with the accreditation verification below via the Anduin app.

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