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We invest early in profitable businesses that want to maximize their chances of success + build companies on their own terms, for the long run.

If that sounds like you, join us.

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Our founder application process

Number 1


We don't believe in warm intros.

Instead, we built founders a custom application filled with resources and (we think) thought-provoking questions.

Number 2


We respect your time, so you can apply at your own pace.

Think of the application as a pitch email and async, remote intro call, combined. Rest assured, we read every single one.

Number 3

Chat w/ GP

You'll get right down to business with our General Partner, Tyler.

If we think we're a fit for your company, we'll schedule a call. You can check your status anytime, or even submit an update!


As a general rule we invest in companies after they have launched and have some paying customers, though within that we can invest quite early. Find more details about what we invest in here.

We invest using a financing structure that we created called the Shared Earnings Agreement. This allow us to back founders who want to build sustainable profit-focused businesses without the pressure of having to continually raise capital or sell. We win when you win, on your terms.

We bring more than just a check and have a big focus on Mentorship & Community. Learn more about our approach to mentorship here.

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