Fund IV is now accepting new investors
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What you need to know

As a general rule we invest in companies after they have launched and have some paying customers, though within that we can invest quite early. Find more details about what we invest in here.

We invest using a financing structure that we created called the Shared Earnings Agreement. This allow us to back founders who want to build sustainable profit-focused businesses without the pressure of having to continually raise capital or sell.

We bring more than just a check and have a big focus on Mentorship & Community. Learn more about our approach to mentorship here.

How to start the process

Our application process (formerly Trailhead) is different. It is detailed, filled with resources and (we think) thought-provoking questions. We have designed it be a valuable thought exercise for founders even if they're unsure if they want to raise funding. While it's a bit more time-consuming, the goal is to skip the first call where we don't know anything about you and your business and get right down to business when we do have a chat.

Apply Now

Whether you’re interested in raising capital or not, you might be interested in Founder Summit Remote. Our remote community of like-minded entrepreneurs building calm sustainable companies. We run masterminds, workshops, virtual happy hours, 1:1 introductions, a forum, a Slack, and lots of fun experiments.

Our User Manual gives founders a guide to the process of working with us.

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