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Co-investing at the Calm Company.


Written By:
Tyler Tringas
February 9, 2021



From time to time, Calm Company Fund portfolio companies will be looking to raise some extra capital. Typically this is either (a) they are raising a total round larger than our maximum check size or (b) they are raising a small follow-on round which will most likely be their last.

In these cases, we will try to secure the ability for LPs in our funds to co-invest in the companies either by directly investing or in some cases through a syndicate/SPV that we set up.

These opportunities are a service we provide to our LPs and are not necessarily investment recommendations. Directly angel investing in companies is substantially riskier than investing in funds and we simply don’t evaluate the subsequent rounds on whether or not they are good bets. Obviously we made a skin in the game bet that it is a good company, but we just don’t evaluate risk/reward from an independent angel perspective one way or another. We support the portfolio founders and connect interested investors as a service.

Disclaimer over.


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