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Girls in Marketing provide education and community to women in marketing roles

Calm Company Fund Invests in Girls in Marketing

Written By:
Anisah Osman Britton
April 24, 2022



We are delighted to announce our latest investment in Girls in Marketing.

Girls in Marketing is on a mission to bridge the digital skills gap and ensure there are more women at the top in senior marketing roles. In response to the marketing industry being in constant flux, Girls in marketing upskill marketeers through their elearning platform — aside from workshops and eCourses, their members’ content library has hours worth of resources. 

The opportunity to raise from Calm Company Fund is one of a kind — I couldn’t think of a better option.

Liverpool, UK based founder, Olivia Hanlon, has been working in marketing her entire career. By bringing together Hanlon’s deep-rooted passion for gender equality and her love for marketing, Girls in Marketing was born. 2 years later, the team has grown from one to five people, has worked with brands like monday.com, the UK’s Department for Education, and Adobe Express.  

At Calm Company Fund, we believe that professional membership businesses like Girls In Marketing make fantastic Calm Companies. The pandemic has both stress-tested these businesses and reinvigorated people's interest in using the web to connect and learn from their professional peers. Olivia and the Girls In Marketing team have done a fantastic job building a community and a business around helping women thrive in marketing roles.

I had a chat with Olivia to learn a little bit more:

Why did you start your company?

Girls in Marketing (GiM) as a brand and organization has community at its core. I set up GiM in 2019 to meet like minded women working in marketing. The idea behind was to make friends and geek out about all things digital — everything snowballed from there. Whilst running GiM as a community, I saw a huge need for accessible marketing education, regularly updated resources and engaging content — after formal education, there’s little learning support. Marketing is a difficult industry to navigate so we support marketers of all levels to feel more comfortable, confident and happy in their professional careers. 

Why did you want Calm Company Fund investment?

Calm Company Fund encapsulates everything that Girls in Marketing is about. We have built our organization transparency, accessibility and authenticity at its core — all of which Calm Company Fund does as well. We wanted the support of the Calm Company Fund founder community. We also wanted our growth to be sustainable rather than super fast paced. I’d had offers from other angels, funds and VCs but nothing compared to the support and help we’d receive from Calm Company Fund. The opportunity to raise from Calm Company Fund is one of a kind — I couldn’t think of a better option.

Why are you a Calm Company? 

We’ve always had “calm” in our values. Being a calm company means putting our community first — only taking on projects and working on things that will work for them — and growing business with a long term strategy in mind. Whenever we think of new projects, take on new work with a brand, or talk to a potential client, we always have that element of impact in mind. We’re never going to take on work for work's sake. We only want to work with people and brands that believe in our mission. 

What help do you need right now? 

Connections! Since I’m new to the business world, I don’t have a huge network. I’d love to be more connected to people who we can work together with. I find comfort in new connections.

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