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Want to to co-invest alongside the Calm Company Fund in future investments? Learn more and apply.

Investor Syndicate

Written By:
Tyler Tringas
September 9, 2019



If you would like to co-invest alongside the Calm Company Fund in future investments, you can apply to join our investor syndicate here.

We frequently have entrepreneurs who come to us looking for slightly more capital than our current fund strategy can write the full check for and in those cases we would offer co-investment to entire syndicate on a first–committed-first-in basis.

View our current portfolio here. In almost all investment opportunities we will be offering investment via a Shared Earnings Agreement.

You can learn more about the basics of syndicates here.

Note: you must be an “accredited investor” to join our investor syndicate. Learn more or verify your status on AngelList.

Apply here. (It’s a very short application initial questionnaire).

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