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Shared Earnings Agreement: Digging into the numbers

Written By:
Tyler Tringas
December 10, 2018



We received a ton of good hard questions about the Calm Company Fund Shared Earnings Agreement, particularly around “how do the numbers actually work?” Well, we’re building a fancy web calculator for it, but I thought I would just pop the hood on the Google Spreadsheet (click here to access it directly) we’ll use for it and let anybody make a copy for themselves.

Want to watch me talk about the numbers, assumptions, and scenarios behind it for 35 minutes?! Great, here you go?

The Shared Earnings Agreement is the output of a great discussion and tons of feedback (we’ll be posting a “What We Learned” soon) from our initial Funding for Bootstrappers call for input.

This is v1.0 of a very simplified calculator, so it is possible there are errors or things we have glossed over. Please send us any question or feedback on Twitter @EarnestCapital or Email Us

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