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Should you raise money? – Reilly Chase, Calm Company founder

Written By:
Tyler Tringas
February 19, 2021



Reilly Chase’s company HostiFi was the first company we ever invested in from Calm Company Fund 1 and he was recently kind enough to make a short video answering the most common questions he gets from founders on whether or not they should raise money from Earnest Capital anybody else.

Reilly's business has done super well in the ~2 years since we invested, growing from $2.3k monthly recurring revenue at the time he applied to over $53,000 MRR as of Feb 2021 (per his public tweets).

You can see Reilly's actual memo he submitted with his investment application in 2019 here.

Watch the video directly here:

Reilly frequently shares transparent company updates and answers questions via Twitter replies and DMs, so give him a shout.

Thanks Reilly! 🙌

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