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EnjoyHQ, get all your user research data in one place, speed up your analysis process and share insights easily.

Calm Company Fund invests in EnjoyHQ for UX Teams

Written By:
Tyler Tringas
December 8, 2020



We love backing niche, focused SaaS businesses and founders crafting them. The best user experience (UX) teams have to take an incredibly multi-disciplinary approach to their work, gathering data and feedback across every platform and touch point of a product. For most UX researchers and teams, this means a jumbled mess of data across dozens of products and shared folders.

EnjoyHQ is superpowers for UX teams to gather all their data in one place and collaborate with features purpose-built for their workflows. From startups to some of the largest corporations in the world, Enjoy is helping some of the most ubiquitous products in the world become more usable, accessible, and all around better for all of us.

Come for the UX superpowers, stay for the awesome astronaut gifs. Check it out at GetEnjoyHQ.com

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