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Fixturfab, provides test fixture solutions for circuit boards, that makes testing hardware easier.

Calm Company Fund invests in FixturFab to reinvent factory test fixtures

Written By:
Tyler Tringas
December 8, 2020



One of the best parts of early stage investing is getting to dive deep into industries that you previously didn’t even know existed. So it was a delight to meet Duncan and Joe, the founders of FixturFab, and go down the rabbit hole into the world of PCBA test fixture design and fabrication.

As the Internet of Things just becomes Things, more and more things have circuit boards in them. Circuit boards that fail are costly source of customer complaints, refunds, and warranties for manufacturers. That’s why modern manufacturing processes quickly test every single circuit board that passes through the assembly line with a production test fixture: a machine with a very specific layout that checks every connection on the board. Each test fixture is unique to each circuit board design and currently most manufacturers have to order custom built fixtures which are expensive and can take months to turn around.

FixturFab has created a software design platform for quickly creating and 3D printing the unique components of test fixtures, allowing them to either fabricate fixtures for their customers at a fraction of the cost and time, or allowing their customers to instantly begin 3D printing their designs right on the factory floor. This a game-changer for this essential component of modern manufacturing.

Check it out (and learn a ton about the world of test fixtures on their blog) at FixturFab.com

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