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JetBoost, no-code Boosters (add-ons) for Webflow.

Calm Company Fund Invests in Jetboost: the No-Code Webflow Sidekick

Written By:
Tyler Tringas
May 5, 2020



Have you heard of Webflow? It feels like everybody is talking about and using Webflow to build their websites these days. But while the no-code editor for designing sites in Webflow is best in class, the lack of a vibrant ecosystem of plugins, add-ons, and built-in functionality can be an obstacle for many users.

Jetboost founded by Chris Spagnuolo is on a mission to give your Webflow sites superpowers with a collection of Boosters. Chris is ahead of the curve as one of the first builders enhancing Webflow’s core features with real-time on-page search and dynamic list filters (with many more on the way). Chris also maintains Modkit, a free Chrome plugin to turbo charge the Webflow editor.

This platform is going to be huge and Chris is building the premier No-Code Webflow Sidekick. You can try all the boosters for free or clone a tutorial site and get started in seconds.

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