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Calm Company Fund invests in Scripto for Writers Rooms

Written By:
Tyler Tringas
December 8, 2020



A basic belief from day one at CCF is that remote work, or at least the option, is the future of virtually all creative/knowledge work and that every industry will need custom remote collaboration tools to be able to do their best work from anywhere whether across the country or in the next room.

So I was thrilled to get connected to the team at Scripto, purpose-built software for collaboratively writing teleplays and screenplays. We generally believe that the best B2B software is built by teams with deep experience in the industry they are serving, and Scripto is built by and for TV writers rooms.

Co-founders Rob Dubbin and Stephen Colbert initially built Scripto as a scratch-your-own-itch project for their writing teams at The Colbert Report and The Late Show. After refining it in live action for years, they started getting requests from other shows to use a version of the custom software they created and in 2018 they spun it out as it’s own SaaS product.

It’s been a wild ride for TV shows and writers rooms everywhere this year and all are adapting to new ways of working. Thanks to Scripto many of our favorite TV shows have been able to keep writing away.

Check it out at scripto.live

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